MLMS Dress Code


Mount Logan Middle School sets a high standard for students in their dress and appearance to express pride in themselves and respect for one another.   In order to promote a safe environment that focuses on education and minimizes distractions, MLMS students are asked to review the attached drawing indicating the areas of the body that need to be covered by clothing.  If the clothing covering these areas has holes or rips, there needs to be an undershirt or other clothing item worn underneath so that skin is not showing.

The following items of clothing are prohibited for all MLMS students:

Dress Code Example
  • Pajamas, slippers, costumes, or other clothing that distracts from a productive learning environment.

  • Clothing with references to sex, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, vulgar or crude language.

  • Gang related attire or accessories with symbols, tattoos, monikers, insignias, other gang identifiers, or any item identified by administration and law enforcement as gang related will not be permitted at any time.

  • Hats, hoodies (on head) or beanies.